Shadow's Far

In 1999, the metal band Shadow's Far was founded in the canton of Uri, which has its roots in Bay Area trash. The rocky environment of their homeland seems to be reflected in the DNA of the band, because their music stands for hard, yet melodic thrash with a slight Scandinavian touch, rounded off with a shredding portion of blast and death metal.

As a very versatile metal band, they were able to establish themselves in the scene and their live shows as well as their albums received very good reviews.

Among the highlights of Shadow's Far's energetic shows are certainly the legendary stage diving, headbanging and stage sharing with the band.

In the last years many concerts in Switzerland and Europe were played, so Shadow's Far was allowed to share the stage with many national as well as international bands from the metal Olympus.

In the future the band will do their best to create a great atmosphere, lasting experiences and unforgettable moments for their fans with their passion and pure joy for metal music and their scene.

Here's to many more years of Shadow's Far!

Shadow's Far are
Matthias Epp - Vocals
Bruno Bomatter - Guitar
Serge Mattli - Guitar
Pascal Trutmann - Bass
Remo Poletti - Drums